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Journal NotaBene Issue 43 (2019) Editor: Kamen Lozev

Topic of the issue: Identities

The Roots of Silence and the Crown of Taciturnity in the Garden of Philosophical Aesthetics

The article aims to explain the "rootage" and legitimacy of the phenomena of silence and taciturnity as basic notions in Western philosophical aesthetics. The exhibition has as its starting point the etymological roots of silence and taciturnity in Slavic and Romance languages, in order to grow as a genealogy and phenomenology of silence and taciturnity.

Key words: silence, taciturnity, philosophical aesthetics

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European Identity as a "Projection"

The article offers an interpretation of European identity through the prism of the existentialist philosophy and some of its key concepts like "throw", "nothing", "freedom" and "choice". On this basis, the construction of the European identity as a projection is analyzed as a process in which European citizens identify with the European idea as a consciously constructed community that does not claim metaphysical grounds for its existence and has no objective guarantee (beyond the will of the citizens) of its continuity.

Key words: European identity, project, free choice, past, future.

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The Debate Between Epistemological Internalism And Externalism And The problem Of Subjective Point of View In The Knowledge Conductive Process

In this article I present the problem of subjective justification in the debate between Epistemological internalism and externalism. In the context of the dabete appears the problem of the inner point of view in knowledge. The problem of subjective justification is a concerning epistemological externalism but it has a long and more global story in the history of epistemology. In the classical definitions of knowledge the problem has been neglected. Internalistic and externalistic definitions of knowledge are giving us the necessary and sufficient conditions for knowledge, which are not showing the inner perspective of the knower. But the big difference between internalism and externalism is that the internalistic definitions are presupposing the access to the mental states of the agent. The internalistic condition for reflection is a guarantee for the subjectivity of knowledge. Even though both internalistic and externalistic definitions are supposed to take the position of an external observer.

Key words: epistemology, internalism, externalism

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The Essence of Particularism in the Works of Ortega-y-Gasset

The paper discussed one of the most interesting and influential doctrines of the Spanish philosopher and social thinker Ortega-y-Gasset. The idea of particularism helps him to analyze and find the way out of the crisis of the Spanish nation in the beginning of the Twentieth century. It is emphasized that there is an obvious analogy between the Spanish crisis a hundred years ago and the crisis of the European Union today. The conclusion of the article insists that Ortega's social philosophy, and especially his doctrine of particularism, should be used as methodological tools in our attempts to analyze and find the right ways out of the contemporary EU crisis.
Keywords: Ortega-y-Gasset, crisis, particularism, masses, elite

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Digital Arts and Elementary Particles. Artist Residencies at the CERN Laboratories

The platform for artist residencies Arts@CERN, initiated by CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research, presents opportunities for exchange of ideas between scientists and artists in the science laboratories. Digital Arts stand out as the most adequate and preferred means of expression for these innovative experimental collaborations.
Key words: CERN, artist residences

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Minima moralia

Imagination - wings without borders

The essay discusses why it is said that the imagination has "wings" and no "boundaries" and presents some metaphors that describe this function of the psyche.
Key words: imagination, metaphor, psyche

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Analysis of life cycle of the machines of engineer's weaponry

Abstract: The phases of the life cycle of the machines of the engineer's arming as well are the particularities in the phases
Key words: life cycle, machines.

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Money and Elected Leadership: Can Money Promote a Candidate's Election to Political Leadership/Position in Israel?

In this article, the researcher seeks to investigate whether there is a causal or statistical relationship between a candidate for election's existing personal capital and the likelihood of being elected to a list for the Knesset, whether through primary elections or to the Knesset in practice, or in other words, to check if money can promote a candidate's election to political leadership/position in Israel. As the law in Israel keeps the Declaration of Capital of the Members of Parliament confidential (Law of Knesset Members' Immunity, Duties, and Rights, 1951) the researcher riled on variety of elected leaders testimonials and media reports and investigations which has indicated that being elected to a political position, requires a precedingly tremendous amount of money which may add up to millions of shekels, to fund the campaign, to promote candidate within the relevant groups or even ''buy votes'' through ''votes contractors''. The funding is essential for successful campaign and some candidates and parties turn to external financing sources, which appear as donations made by private or commercial bodies. The latter turned out to be of interest, particularly due to the fact that a trend where those benefactors pass on funds to candidates possessing different political ideologies was identified. Naturally, the necessity of donations as well as the financial influences in the parliament which may appear through ''lobbyists'' in the Israeli parliament and local council corridors has a cost – which sometimes might be connected to ''governmental corruption''. Capital's influence is apparent in diverse aspects of politics worldwide, and in Israeli democracy. This article sought to review and present the points where capital bears influence both within processes of electing a candidate to a political leadership position and in promoting commercial agendas through laws, regulations and interest promotion.
Key words: Leadership, political funding, governmental corruption, crony capitalism, political lobbying.

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The Problem of the Essence of Metaphysics

The paper is an attempt to present a specific perspective on Heideggers‘s interpretation of the problem „what is metaphysics“ in its essence. It focuses on Heidegger analyses of the questions that metaphysics „asks“ because by them it reveals itself in its wholeness and also involves ourselves as asking midst of the question. The study put accents on the human existence – Dasein – as a fundamental problem of metaphysics.
Keyword: Dasein, Heidegger, metaphysics, human existence

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Existential approach to European identity

Review of Dr. Lilia Sazonova's book "European Identity: Discursive or Existential?" (Varna: EE LiterNet, 2018)

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Significant work of the most significant Bulgarian analytical philosopher

Review of the Nikolai Milkov's book "Philosophy of logical atomism"

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