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Alienation of Labor and Post-Apocalyptic Capitalism

The article interprets A. Zupancics definition The Worker doesnt exist as a post-apocalyptic vision about capitalist social relations through Istvan Meszaross theory of alienation of labor and the paragraph about Master and Bondsman from Phenomenology of The Spirit. he author constructs an imaginary discussion about Zupancics definition between the Slovenian philosopher and I. Meszaros.


Laclau, Ranciere and Powers Populism - Part I

The study analyzes Ernesto Laclaus discursive theory of populism as a social ontology, revealing its methodological limitations and inability to unveil the power practices of populism. Particularly important to this approach are the parallels with Jacques Ranciere.


To Avenue Foch and Forward: A History about Bulgarian Pseudo-Cosmopolitan Prose

Abstract: The article situates Petar Konstantinov's novel Avenue Foch in the context of the Bulgarian (pseudo)cosmopolitan prose and constructs parallels with texts by Boris Shivachev and Vladimir Polyanov. According to the study, Konstantinov portrays Paris and France as conditional realities and this effect is accentuated by some factual errors. The book is shown to be the story of a retroactive, non-existent past, which is so designed as to restore the sense of meaning of life. It reveals the inner battle, within one's own conscience, before the temptation to pursue success at any cost.

Keywords: (Pseudo)cosmopolitan prose, conditional reality, retroactively constructed past, Surrealism.