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Motives of the Mahdist beliefs in the early tribal Religions

This article explores the motives of the Mahdist beliefs in the early tribal religions. Man instinctively awaits a savior in times of political and economic difficulties caused by natural disasters, cataclysms and wars, and this fact is one of the most pressing problems for religions. Mahdist beliefs as well as the belief in salvation are common to many religions. It should be noted that while faith in the Mahdi is superficial in some religions and ideological movements; it is very strong in others. In some religions, it has become one of the basic principles and a source of energy for the believers. Of course, the different religions’s approaches to the savior can vary and there are common features and differences between them. The article presents authoritative views on the Mahdist beliefs in the early tribal religions, citing authoritative sources, as well as a comparative analysis of the belief in salvation in other religions. In addition, the article touches on issues regarding the origin of the Mahdist beliefs in the early tribal religions and refers to some theories related to this topic.
Keywords: salvation, Mahdi, belief, psychology, politics, religious currents

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