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Psychological Aspects of the Inclusion of Children with Cognitive Disabilities Living in an Orphan Boarding House in Musical Creative Work

A global problem is the increasing birth rate of children with cognitive impairments. The psychological characteristics of such children, their isolation and confinement in orphanages abandoned by their parents raise many questions for the public. What are the psychological characteristics of such children, is it possible for them, like others, to be involved in the creative process? In this regard, the psychology of creativity will be a defining methodological direction in this study. The fact is that creativity as universal human ability is inherent in children with profound cognitive disabilities. Their involvement in music brings them new impressions in the sensually poor environment of the orphanage where they are raised and educated. In the musical activity of the child with cognitive disabilities in development, who sometimes has very poor command of the speech apparatus, creativity is expressed in the performance of music with the help of children's musical noise instruments. Accompaniment of musical works, movements in musical performances, accompaniment to musical pieces, participation in music lessons after the concert – all these forms of active involvement of children with cognitive disabilities in music are promising and perspective in the creative development of such children. The musical activity brings these children joy, positive emotions and positive mood in their life in the orphanage.
Key words: psychology of creativity, children with cognitive disabilities, orphanages

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