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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговарят 3 материала

RUST. Photoes and Photo Collage by Nikolai Pandarski

On October 28, 2018, teams of Electricity System Operator EAD performed work on 110 kV overhead power lines near the 110/20 kV substation Cast iron foundry Ihtiman. The KAMAZ APT-35 aerial platform was used during the implementation of the activities. There are two electricians in the basket of the car lift. When the articulated boom is retracted, the welding of a fixed support between the boom arms breaks, as a result of which the boom and the basket fly towards the chassis of the aerial platform. One of the electricians dies.
In order to ensure safety when using the KAMAZ APT-35 aerial platforms, the company stopped using them and proceeded to an inspection procedure by non-destructive inspection (defectoscopy) of the welding parts of each of the five aerial platforms in operation.
After disassembly of the car lifts, separation of the welding parts and their cleaning from rust and paint, the following were used: capillary method with penetrating liquids and magnetic-powder method for defectoscopy. As a result, it was found that in most of the welds there is non-fusion of the material, as well as cracks.
The additional element to each of the photographs turns them into paintings from the abstract world of images created by rust. The series includes: "Sixth Sense", "Time Apart", "Diogenes", "Shepherd", "SONY-the best", "Geisha", "Snake's Eye", "They are here", "Scat", "Doomsday" "Centurion", "Tenderness", "Shipwreck at Sunset", "Night Storm", "July Morning", "Crocodile".

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