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The Debate Between Epistemological Internalism And Externalism And The problem Of Subjective Point of View In The Knowledge Conductive Process

In this article I present the problem of subjective justification in the debate between Epistemological internalism and externalism. In the context of the dabete appears the problem of the inner point of view in knowledge. The problem of subjective justification is a concerning epistemological externalism but it has a long and more global story in the history of epistemology. In the classical definitions of knowledge the problem has been neglected. Internalistic and externalistic definitions of knowledge are giving us the necessary and sufficient conditions for knowledge, which are not showing the inner perspective of the knower. But the big difference between internalism and externalism is that the internalistic definitions are presupposing the access to the mental states of the agent. The internalistic condition for reflection is a guarantee for the subjectivity of knowledge. Even though both internalistic and externalistic definitions are supposed to take the position of an external observer.

Key words: epistemology, internalism, externalism

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