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Identity in Web 2.0 Era: Notes on the Concept of Lifestyle

The text considers the concept of lifestyle as a technique for constructing identity, which reflects both the patterns of behavior and ways of telling the Self, as well as the power mechanisms in contemporary society. The article briefly presents the definitions of lifestyle, and then focuses on its specific characteristics in the digital age.In conclusion, the text argues that if in early studies of lifestyle the concept refers to the visible characteristics of a particular group or class affiliation, today the lifestyle is an individual project of the Self, which must make it visible, thus inscribing it in the norms of " the society of transparency ". However, the requirement for transparency creates a compulsion of conformity. Working on the project for the Self resembles arranging pieces of a puzzle, which should lead to a good" looking ", ideal result. The constant imperative for something new is combined with the requirement of the digital age for continuous improvement, improvement not only of skills in the workplace and ways to spend free time, but also of one's own body. However, the constant strengthening of the mental and physical self gives birth to a meta-model of lifestyle, which is in constant competition with itself. The endless creative act in which the Self is the creator of the body, of life, of its social contacts, values, beliefs, is atrophied by the requirement that identity be assembled from already known pieces - because only then will it be recognized and approved in transparency.
Keywords: lifestyle, digital age, identity, Web 2.0

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Infodemic, Fake News and Post-Truth

The text reviews some of the key definitions of the concepts ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’ and analyzes their relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus of the study is the effects of media's negative impact on a crisis situation, the so-called infodemic. In this context, a new type of political performance is considered, which emphasizes emotional reactions (mostly negative) instead of a rational search for solutions.

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Post-Truth Politics and Refugees (Case Study: The Bulgarian Media Image of Refugees)

Abstract: The era of the social media, information abundance and fake news raises the post-truth politics - a combination between emotional argumentation, lies, bullshits, sensations and silence about the important topics. The study will tries to trace the mechanism of post-truth politics through the media image of the refugees in Bulgarian context.
Key words: post-truth, fake news, refugees, media, popular culture

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