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Списание NotaBene Брой № 18 (2011)



Религията като емоционален феномен: Фридрих Шлайермахер

The author has presented and analyzed some of Schleiermacher’s basic ideas on and approaches to religion. The analysis focuses on the abstract level, the ideal in Schleiermacher’s interpretation of religion, and then on the concrete historical, social-political being of religion. In the first aspect, Schleiermacher views religion not as a functional tool used by the individual or by society , but as an expression of the actual emotional relationship between the human being and God. Schleiermacher emphasizes the priority of religion and Church as his spiritual ideal over philosophy, morality, state, politics. He deduces this priority from the priority of the spiritual over the material, of the eternal and universal over everyday life and passions. Schleiermacher searches for the causes of the low social and cultural status of religion in contemporary society moving from the normative essence of religion and humanity to their empirical contemporary reality.

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