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Списание NotaBene Брой № 22 (2012)


Психоаналитичният и феноменологичният метод в поетиката на Гастон Башлар. Феноменология на поетическия образ и въображението

The aim of the article is to represent the influence of the phenomenological and psychoanalytical methods for the creation of Bachelard’s phenomenology of poetical image.

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Франсис Брадли и неговото влияние върху Мур и Ръсел

Astract: The paper summarizes the main ideas of Bradley’s idealist philosophy which most influenced the thought of Moore and Russell. At some length are discussed Bradley’s doctrines of ‘internal relations’, the Absolute, the non-existence of individual facts as well as the doctrine that we do not do justice to reality when we deal with singular judgments. It is argued that both Moore and Russell grew as philosophers in an incessant struggle with Bradley’s main ideas.

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Типика и елементи на понятието в Хегеловата логика

Abstract: The article discusses the theory of concept, which Hegel develops in Subjective logic of his fundamental work Science of Logic. Hegel define the concept as the least and the most basic unit among the logical forms in Traditional logic. So the concept is demonstrated as the basis, upon which the theories of judgment and syllogism must ground. Hegel deduces three basic component of the concept: universal, particular and singular concept. In this way Hegel develops in movement and deduction the relation between genus, species and individual, which relation is axiomatic for the Traditional logic. The triad structure pretends to be the essential logical structure of the concept and reveals his full potential as form of thought.

Keywords: Hegel’s logic, universal, particular and singular concept, genus and species, Traditional logic

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Законът за достатъчното основание – пред-откъм-при Шопенхауер

Abstract: The main goal of this article is to establish the significance of Schopenhauer’s interpretation of the Principle of Sufficient Reason. For this purpose it is necessary to explicate the genesis and the nature of the principle in some of the main interpretations through the history of philosophy. The article analyzes some inquires of the principle before Leibniz and also Leibniz’s interpretation. It is essential to outline the specifics of Schopenhauer’s idea of the principle as a prerequisite for the knowledge itself in the representational model of the world, i.e. the world as representation. The paper also presents Schopenhauer’s concept of the “fourfold”-ness of the root of principle of sufficient reason.

Key words: Schopenhauer, Sufficient Reason, Scottish Philosophy, Leibniz, Representation.

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Отчуждението в румънската философия – една слабо познавана култура на съседа

The article refers mainly to the philosophical work of Ion Dezideriu Sirbu as a part of the cultural inheritance of Romania. Which is little known not only in Bulgaria. Unlike other countrymen of his like Cioran, Ion Dezideriu Sirbu does not leave his country, therefore his recently translated diaries have never been published during his lifetime. Though bound in an unbreakable way with the political-historical context of his time, Sirbu’ s thought goes beyond these frames and transcends the human existential-political being. The questions about Death and Alienation leave the existential boundaries and reach the metaphysical inquiry. There are questions in his diaries that step over the contemporary being not less painfully. About the role of the philosophic endeavourer in society, about the role of philosophy for the mankind altogether.

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