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Journal NotaBene Issue 42 (2018) Editor: Iva Manova

Topic of the issue: Theoretical Resources for Times of Crises

Contradiction Between Economic Theory and Reality, Ergo, Necessity of a New Theory and Value Programmed Practice

Abstract: The study presents an analysis of the contradiction between the dominating neo-classical economic theory and economic reality. Facts and theoretical arguments are adduced proving the presence and the considerable scale of such a contradiction. An essential reason for the deficiency of the theory is its false view of “the economic man”. This construct is in controversy with contemporary visions of ‘the nature’ of man in philosophy, sociology and psychology. There are forces and factors in economy disproving the myth of the market being an autonomous mechanism for harmonious development, which meets the criterion of justice as well; a mechanism, leaving an insignificant space for public regulation.
Another thesis expounded in the article is that of the necessity of a new theoretical synthesis to integrate real social forces and factors. This view does not mean crossing out the market as an institution. It is an accomplishment of civilization which is to be used reasonably like every other instrument. The untenability of the idea of ‘growth stimulation’ is pointed out and is argued that there is need of programmed economic development on the basis of values eminent for human existence (decent material conditions, health, education,
personal autonomy).

Keywords: Economic theory, market failures, corruption, politics, values.

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The Messages of the "Green Pope": Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato si'" and the Ecological Shift in the Catholic Social Teaching

Abstract: The article presents Pope Francis' environmental ethical teaching, as explained in his 2015 encyclical Laudato si', in a historical perspective. It traces the development of the Catholic social doctrine through the twentieth century and the way in which it has been both questioned and enriched by some ideas developed in the context of the liberation theology movement.

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Access to Justice in Macedonia and Some International Experiences

Abstract: The Republic of Macedonia is facing numerous, heavy problems in the judiciary. The researches of the public opinion show a very low rating of the judicial sector. In May 2018, the Government adopted Conclusions and established intergovernmental working group in order to provide access to justice for the concerned persons of political motivate court cases, through the ministries and the other state organs, in accordance with the positive regulation. Indicators of old and unresolved cases, as well as respecting the trial within a reasonable time, then the efficiency of free legal aid, as well as the high costs of initiating litigation show that the situation in the Republic of Macedonia disputes the right to an effective access to justice. A reasonable length of trials is an important characteristic of good judicial performance, together with independence and fairness of adjudication, predictability of court decisions, and accessibility to the system. Good quality regulation, timely and effective implementation of policies, integrity of the public sector and free negotiation of lawyers' fees could all be important instruments for reducing litigation. Concerned citizens Republic of Macedonia are still waiting for implementation of the government conclusions.

Key words: Justice, political mototivated cases, accessibility, judical perfomance, regulation.

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The Sacred Space of the Temple

Abstract: The article discusses three characteristics of the temple's sacred space: purposefulness, hierarchy and dynamism. The architecture, insofar as it shapes the space of the temple, gives it such a form that it is experienced by the believer not only as a place, but also as a path. With regard to the hierarchy and the dynamism of the temple's space the role of the light is analyzed. Comparisons are made between the experience of the temple's space in Christianity and Islam, in the church and the mosque.

Keywords: Temple, sacral space, temple's architecture, altar, mihrab.

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Minima moralia

To Avenue Foch and Forward: A History about Bulgarian Pseudo-Cosmopolitan Prose

Abstract: The article situates Petar Konstantinov's novel Avenue Foch in the context of the Bulgarian (pseudo)cosmopolitan prose and constructs parallels with texts by Boris Shivachev and Vladimir Polyanov. According to the study, Konstantinov portrays Paris and France as conditional realities and this effect is accentuated by some factual errors. The book is shown to be the story of a retroactive, non-existent past, which is so designed as to restore the sense of meaning of life. It reveals the inner battle, within one's own conscience, before the temptation to pursue success at any cost.

Keywords: (Pseudo)cosmopolitan prose, conditional reality, retroactively constructed past, Surrealism.

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Middlemarch and the Roots of European Culture

Abstract: The essay considers the novel Middlemarch as a mode of modern reflection on the roots of European culture. The article propounds the thesis that in fictional form through the characters significant philosophical topics and ideas are presented. Not only the well-known philosophical influences of Spinoza and Feuerbach upon George Eliot are analyzed, but the delicate way in which the writer experiments in her novel with the ideas of Plato, Aristotle and Christian theology is traced out.

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Giacomo Galeazzi, Globalization and Indifference

Bulgarian translation of Giacomo Galeazzi, Globalizzazione e indifferenza. In: Il nuovo mondo di Francesco. Come il Vaticano sta cambiando la politica globale, a cura di Antonio Spadaro, Marsilio, Venezia 2018, pp. 90-95.

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The Rural Child Through Socialism (Part І)

Abstract: The text aims to show the idea of the rural child formed by the ideological literature from the period of socialism in Bulgaria and to verify its credibility through analysis of interviews conducted for this purpose.Central to the text are the questions about the family environment and education in the villages,which are seen as the two main sources of influence.

Keywords: Childhood, rural environment, family environment, education, socialism in Bulgaria.

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The Rural Child Through Socialism (Part II)

Abstract: The text aims to show the idea of the rural child formed by the ideological literature from the period of socialism in Bulgaria and to verify its credibility through analysis of interviews conducted for this purpose.Central to the text are the questions about the family environment and education in the villages,which are seen as the two main sources of influence.

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The Scientific and the Magical in Fantastic Worlds (a Proposal of a Model for the Analysis of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Abstract: Using T. Todorov's theory on fantastic literature, J. R. R. Tolkien's and V. Propp's - on fairy tales and D. Suvin's - on the poetics of science fiction, a model is proposed for the analysis of the scientific and the magical in artistic works of the science fiction and fantasy genres. The model is compared to K. Malmgren's theory of the intermediary genre of science fantasy, C. S. Lewis's classification of science fiction and T. Freedman's thoughts on the interconnection between science and magic in fantasy movies and videogames.

Key words: Science fantasy, fantasy, science, technology, magic, science fantasy, Todorov, Tolkien, Suvin, Malmgren, Lewis, Freedman.

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Contemporary Transformations of Drawing in the Work of Boryana Petkova: Reflections on the Exhibition H220cm in Gallery +359

Abstract: The article consists in analysis of the exhibition H220cm presented by the visual artist Boryana Petkova in July and August 2018, in +359 gallery in Sofia. This exhibition was part of the long-term project "Formatting the absence" of the curator Irina Batkova. In the framework of this project, Batkova invites artists to create situational artworks in the context of water tower in the district of Lozenets in Sofia.

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